What are Facebook ads?

March 15, 2018

Facebook Ad is an advertisement that is created by a business on Facebook that is served to Fb users based on user’s activities, Demographic information, Device used and Off-Facebook activity. They appear in News feed on desktop, News feed on mobile and in the right column of Facebook on Desktop devices. Facebook never sells any information to its advertisers.

Ways to promote Facebook ad:

  1. Go for the Facebook offers for grabbing attention or you may create an offer or discount to be redeemed.
  2. Facebook is clever enough to provide drive downloads so why would not you are taking its benefit by informing your customers about it.
  3. Include a “Call to action” button in the body text that is highly visible to customers for better reach. Highlight your special deals for perfect attention by adding it to the banner as well.
  4. The headline is the first things that seek user’s attention and so customize your ad headline accordingly in a perfect manner.
  5. Choose the bidding option from a number of different bid setups to control Facebook advertising costs. The bid will automatically set up to help you reach your objective though bidding for clicks or impressions allows more customization.
  6. Opt for daily or lifetime budget to control how much of amount (money) you can spend on a specific campaign on each day. Ads and stories will show up once you are done with the daily budget option. Lifetime budget allows choosing how much of money you want to spend an entire span of Ad time that is scheduled. You can also create a Social Media Marketing Plan for keeping the Facebook advertising prices within the comfort zone. Edit your campaign if no feeling ok with the previous one.
  7. Go wild with the images! Try, try and try more images to get the most suitable one to let your ad stand out in the crowd of the news feed. Add up multiple images to Facebook PPC ad as an extra variety. You have the access to add up to 6 images at no extra cost. Using the image to 1200*627 pixels is the best option to fit on Facebook well.
  8. Target the audience for FB paid ads by their location, age, gender, workplace, relationship status, language, education and much more factors.
  9. Narrower target with more categories is more beneficial.
  10. For regular visiting of customers- hosting a contest, showing up valuable content, adding YouTube Adding cover video or photo is a better option.

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