Tips and Tricks for iPhone X that you wish would know earlier

September 14, 2018
Hidden features of iPhone X

iPhone X is being the centre of attraction for this whole year, even after it is launched. It allows you to get back to the last active application. Just swipe right in the Indicator area at display’s bottom.

  1. Apple launches an attention awareness feature which gives access to stare at your iPhone X and automatically the volume goes down. Same goes for call feature. You can change this in Settings>General>Accessibility>Face ID and Attention.
  2. Animoji in iPhone X lets you create and share custom animated characters in Messages application in which Voice and Mirror are used for recognizing your facial expressions. Create your own Animoji on the iOS device, Mac or Smartphone. Hold the animoji and tap save.
  3. Alphanumeric password: Numbers (digits), as well as characters (alphabets)  can be used to make a password that is even more secure. Go to Settings app>Touch ID and Passcode>Change Passcode and then enter a new passcode.
  4. The Focus option can be locked to get a perfect picture. Shivering of hand is the most common cause of blurred images but Thank God, there is no such issue in iPhone X. It worked as ‘AE/AF Lock’ appears on the screen.
  5. The lightning of shot can be managed by focus and be sliding your finger to brighten or darken the image.
  6. Surprisingly, iPhone can click 10 images with burst mode in a single second. You need to hold down the Shutter button rather than tapping it. Over 100 images can be taken in a Burst mode. All of the clicked ones will be appearing at the Screen’s bottom to pick up the best shot.
  7. Focus and Exposure controls should be adjusted right before you are planning something to shoot. Slo-mo’s are just amazing with this fantastic phone. You can also edit the video if the video mode is not as per requirement or mood.
  8. The custom message can be created for ignoring a call.

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