The history and fast facts about Orkut and its founder

March 23, 2018
orkut history and about the founder or orkut

Nowadays, people stick to social sites every day, when they are happy with their daily activities and when they are sad, also discuss this matter on today’s youth social site. Most people today use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But do you know that the first of these was a social site, which people used to use at that time? At that time around 300 million people were connected to this social site. Today’s youth may not even know the name of this social site. So let us take you back a little bit in time and tell about the most famous social site Orkut at that time.

  1. Orkut was a renowned social networking system (social network) on the Internet that was being operated by Google Groups. It is named after the name of Orkut Buyukkokten, an employee of Google Groups.
  2. Orkut is designed to help find new friends and maintain existing relationships. Earlier, an earlier member’s invitation was required to open an account in it, but after October 2006, the facility of opening an account without invitation was given.
  3. Orkut was used most in Brazil, after which India was in second place. Orkut was discontinued on September 30, 2014. Orkut’s largest users are Brazil (51.18%), United States (17.41%) and India (18.41%).
  4. Orkut was founded on January 22, 2004, and closed in September 2014. In his 10 years of life, nearly 300 million people were involved in Orkut.
  5. Orkut gave its user a feature so they could change the theme of their profile. Users were given various themes by Google, of which they could use any theme. Read Facebook history here.
  6. Today, on Facebook, the user can view only his profile which is in his network, on the contrary, Orkut allows the user to view anybody’s profile, even if a person is in your Ignore List, then that person can also visit the profile.
  7. Apart from this, a feature on Orkut was also that any user could add any person to Orkut, provided he had to add that person to his credit list.
  8. As with every social site and on Orkut too many fakes and clone profiles were created on this. Due to being more than 300 million users, it was difficult to erase these fake profiles created on Orkut and somehow it was erased so it was easily created again.
  9. The biggest weakness of Orkut was that any user of this could go to a profile of anyone and view his photos and videos. For this reason, the photos and videos used on Orkut were misused especially with women. After that Orkut made privacy update, after which the user’s photo and video could only be seen by people of his friends and e-mail contact.
  10. On October 10, 2006, Bombay High Court, Aurangabad issued a notice to Google that Google had allowed a campaign on Orkut against India, which was put on Orkut as ‘We Hate India’ there. In this post, the Indian tricolor was shown burning. Later Google gave this ‘We Hate India’ community away from Orkut, but only after that ‘We Hate’ became a community like ‘Who Hate India’ on Orkut?

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