The beginner’s guide to increase Instagram views

August 26, 2019
Instagram Views

Instagram currently has 800 million active users and all are very prompt with their posts on the platform. That makes Instagram one of the most sought after platforms in the current times.

But apart from posting pictures and following recent trends, why do these people even bother using this platform? Simple, for social connect. Through Instagram, they can like, comment and regram content that they connect to. All in all, Instagram is a means through which you can learn a lot about an individual’s personality.

There is a common notion that amazing contents steal maximum likes. That’s how it works on Instagram right? No. Wrong.

To get more views on your post, you need eye-catching content. Not necessarily amazing content.

But due to the recent algorithm change on Instagram, there has been a sharp decline in the organic reach of the content. You have to make sure that your post reaches all. Or else making all these amazing content is a sheer waste of time.

The idea is to attract people to your content. To put in simple terms, the recent algorithm makes it necessary for you to engage with more people. The more you do that the more people you reach.

Now that is the key, engaging.  But how to get it done?

Let me tell you about a few tricks which can help you win over this algorithm ball game on Instagram.

Engage Right Before and After Posting A Content:

Your first game plan is to get as many views and likes as possible in the first hour. This is how the Instagram algorithm recognizes that the content is authentic and will then go on to show it to more people.

But the tough part is, how do you create such massive view within an hour of posting? Well, one way to do it is by engaging with similar posts right after you have made your post.

This will get people to view your profile, view and like your recent most recent post and BAMM!! You increase your view within an hour!

Track and Understand Your Followers:

Firstly, are you using Instagram for your business or is it a personal account?  If you are using a personal account then quickly switch to a business account as it will help you get more views and engagement.

When you make this switch you might notice that the organic reach of your posts is falling. To handle the situation you will have to post in times when your audience is active. This will again go a long way to increase your views.

Talk To Your Followers:

If you have to increase your views and engagement you have to give your followers what they are seeking.

They appreciate a few likes and comments from your side too. I mean it’s an interactive platform and interaction must always be two way. So make sure you are reverting to the comments your followers are making. This is something Tate.and.fable does as a part of their Instagram marketing plan.



Source: @tate.and.fable

Reach Out To More People:

If you want more views then you have to interact more with your target audience and get interested in their content first.

This is also an investment less process and the returns are great. It’s human nature to get curious and the same applies to all of us when we see an unknown account liking and commenting on our posts. They will come around naturally and you will get more views!


Source: @my.bright.journal

 Check Out For New Trends:

Just having a few attractive pictures strapped with a few high performing hashtags will not get you views on any social media platform, let alone Instagram. You have to grab the interest of your audience and the only way to do it is by curating content on topics and trends that interest them.

For instance, if you add a geotag to your post or story you get a chance to gather more followers from that area. Additionally, you can keep these stories on the highlight section so that new visitors can check it when they land on your profile.

There is so much more that you can do on Instagram. New things are coming up daily and we would love to hear what is that you try to enhance your visibility. So do let us know! Let’s learn and grow together!

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