Make demanding Facebook video ads with these suggestions

June 14, 2018
Facebook Ads

Facebook video ads are right similar to normal ads which are used to showcasing a product in an effective manner. As per estimation, Mobile videos will be accounting more than 75% traffic in 2020. 140 Million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook with 1.74 Billion mobile active users. Facebook video ads are not much expensive; they will be displayed in the Newsfeed or in the Right-hand sidebar along with those videos can be sent to Instagram too. These strong numbers of data will surely convince you that these Facebook video ads worth.

What is the need for running a Facebook Video Ad?

The most promising factor for a video must be a piece of content with a try of giving some relevant information to potential customers. The 4 kinds of videos which you can be made are behind-the-scenes video, Real customers feedback, Informative and Product demonstration. All of them are actually beneficial and dedicated to product only for higher Return Of Investment. The very first look at the video must be eye-catching to let the user stay.

Setting up the targeting options is a good idea for creating a Buyer’s persona and figuring out the traits of an ideal customer. Video ads get better visibility; having a link to “call to action” would be like cream on top.

Tips for a better and demanding Facebook Video ad:

  1. Facebook videos have an option of auto play which gives you 3 seconds to convince the users of watching your video. Engage your customers immediately and any kind of long intro is really not needed. Text should be minimal.
  2. Try to add an offer that your targeted audience could not resist. Be clear and stick to the topic. Any kind of distraction can make your video ineffective. Show what you are, your personality, as the video you are making gives a glimpse of your originality. If you are doing live streaming, make sure to be enthusiastic, no one wants to see the dull you.
  3. Add captions to your Video. Rename the file with Facebook’s syntax right before updating it
  4. Never ever forget to add an informative description. Say whatever you want to let your targeted audience know by supplementing your video.
  5. Sit back and think about the Video topic in a calm place, then add some technical elements like captions, text graphics etc.

How to make a Video Ad?

  1. Go to Ad creation option.
  2. Choose your video views as Ad objective.
  3. Select Continue…
  4. Enter the details about audience that you want to target ads
  5. Enter the budget amount.
  6. Click on Single Video in the format section.
  7. Tap on Upload video that you have finalized.

Lifesaver tip: Try to make Facebook video ads for 15 seconds or lesser to achieve more completed views.

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