Major alert for all the Facebook users operating fake accounts!

March 15, 2018
Link your Aadhar card to Facebook account soon

Facebook is pushing new users to use the Aadhaar card to open an account. Do not panic! Facebook has not made any plans to link its account with Aadhaar number. Rather, the social media company is asking the user to use the full name in the Facebook profile as the basis. Testing is going on right now. Actually, this move of Facebook is being seen as an attempt to check the fake profile. Let us know that about 24 million people use Facebook in India. According to the number of users, India is second only to the US.


When users create new accounts on Facebook’s mobile site, then ‘name as per Aadhaar’ is being suggested. Actually, the first information about this test was given by some users of Reddit and Twitter. It is worth noting that when opening a new account on the Facebook mobile site, every user is not getting this message right now. We also tried to open the account but we did not get the message.

A Facebook spokesman told, “We want to make sure that users use the same name that they are recognized so that it’s easy to connect with friends and family members. We are encouraging the user to use the name of the Aadhaar only, this is an alternative suggestion. It is mandatory to use the same name with the Aadhaar card. Not at all. ”

The number of people who use the Facebook site on mobile is very small. This message is being given to these users right now. The spokesman has stressed that writing the name as a base is not compulsory. Well, Facebook wants the user to use their real name.

Make clear that Facebook is only asking to use the name given on the basis. Apart from this, no other information regarding the Aadhaar is being sought. In such a situation, there is no question of infringement of the privacy related to the premises. By the way, we generally do not report the app or process related to these services. But considering the controversy surrounding privacy and groundwork, it was considered necessary to make this move of the public. However, Facebook has confirmed that they will never gonna link the Aadhar card number to the Facebook account.

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