How to Use Instagram for Business: A Step by Step Guideline

May 22, 2020

Instagram has over one billion users, and at least 200 millions of them visit a business profile every day. Also, Instagram has over 25 million companies operating their businesses across the globe. Because of the high level of engagement, Instagram drives quick success in businesses.

Instagram is focused on quality pictures and videos, while Facebook focuses on connecting people. Because of the one-step photo-sharing platform, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. On Instagram, you can join communities based on common interests, such as pets, fashion, and technology.

Anyone can reach common interest photos, so Instagram engages its audience more than any other social media platform. Because of effective brand awareness and targeted audience, you can quickly scale out your business. You can even make the process faster if you buy likes for your Instagram posts. You can buy more likes at competitive prices from trusted authorities like

If you are a newbie and are planning to use Instagram to build your business, then you can follow the below step by step guideline for utter success.

Step 1: Set Up an Instagram Business Account

You can either open an Instagram business account, or you can convert your personal account to a business account.

To open a business account, follow some simple steps.

  1. Download the Instagram app from iOS, or Android systems.
  2. Open the app and sign up with its instructions.
  3. If you want to join your Facebook page with an Instagram business account, then log onto Facebook or use the admin email address.


In case you want to convert your personal Instagram account to a business account, follow these steps-

  1. Log in to your profile and tap the profile icon.
  2. Now tap the three-line icons followed by tap settings.
  3. Tap to switch to a business profile and add important contact information like email address, mobile number, physical address, etc.
  4. You can link to your Facebook page as well, but that’s optional.

Step 2: Build A Strategy

Your Instagram business success is always undone without a perfect winning strategy. You need to define the target audience who is most likely to engage with your brand. You can segregate based on common interests, age, gender, demographics, and more.

Once you determine your target audience, it’s time to set goals and objectives for your business. Then, focus on customer performance metrics such as awareness (growth rate, post reach, etc.), conversion (click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.), and engagement ( likes, share,etc.).

Other than that, create a posting schedule. Let your followers engage in your posts at sequential intervals. If you are promoting food items and finding more engagement after 12 a.m., then keep posting every day or every week just after 12 a.m. The research found that organized posting at regular intervals has better output than haphazard posts.

Step 3: Optimize Instagram Profile

Optimize your Instagram account for better audience engagement. Instagram has only a 150-character bio where you have to convey your brand voice. Try to use hashtags and emojis to make it more clickable and adaptive. Use spacing and line break to make it easy and readable.

After fixing your bio, it’s time to focus on your profile pic. Use the same picture that you use on other social media platforms. Though Instagram stores photos of 320×320 pixels, it displays 110×110 pixel photos. So, upload photos that are at least 320 pixels so that you can customize it later. Also, make sure you have completed your profile and linked your website or landing page link to the business account.

Instagram business accounts have unique features that are not common to personal accounts. Use features like categories or call to action buttons for a wide range of applications. Also, you can address your followers through multiple contact information to bring more trust and authenticity.

Step 4: Content is Key

All your efforts may go futile if you are not focused on content. You have to showcase your posts and videos with the most absorbing content. Someone searching for “Mediterranean Cuisine” will get hundreds of photos on Instagram, but he/she will only click a few photos because of its content. Content can clearly make you stand out from your competitors.

For successful Instagram content, you have to decide on a content theme. Try to use natural light and take photos from different angles. In the case of mobile cameras, use the rule of thirds to balance your photo. Furthermore, edit photos through additional filters to give it a more professional look. Apps like Enhance or VSCOcam are widely popular for mobile photo editing.

Don’t just post photographs or videos but also include compelling captions to make your post meaningful and absorptive for the audience. Also, add emojis to your captions. It adds more life to your content.

Besides, you can add stories with slideshows to add more value to the brand. You can maximize business success if you end your stories with a powerful-call-to action. Though stories disappear after 24 hours, it keeps engaging your audience to your brand.

Step 5: Keep Engaging Your Audience

The more you engage your audience, the better you can excel in your business. For constant engagement, use the right hashtags that are popular in your niche. Also, go for branded hashtags to encourage community among your followers.

Other than that, respond to comments and mentions for audience engagement. You can also work with Instagram influencers to grow followers and likes on posts. Things do not end here! Keep promoting your Instagram business account on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some marketers directly embed Instagram posts in their blog to drive more audience.

When it comes to meeting large and targeted audiences, count on Instagram ads. Instagram ads are the paid version to pull more organic traffic to your business account. Run Instagram specific campaigns for more visibility of the brand. You can drive engagement with Instagram contests or use branded hashtags to collect user-generated content.

Step 6: Measure Progress and Keep Adjusting

This is the most crucial step for business success on Instagram. Once you have promoted your business, keep tracking its progress and find whether it can reach business goals or not. You should track the results of individual items like posts, stories, ads, and the overall business throughout the timeline.

Most experts believe using A/B testing can help you find effective business strategies for long term success. It is quite simple: pick two variations of every element like the hashtag, captions, etc. Keep analyzing two different posts and decide on winning variations. This is one way to keep improving your social media success.

Final Verdict

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to scale out business. You just need to be strategic and proactive to skim goods from the market. If you follow the above-listed steps, you can crack the nut to find a better rhythm in your business.

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