Google offering Jobs to Indian women

March 15, 2018
Google offering jobs to indian womens

In order to create jobs for women, the legendary IT Company Google will expand its internet partner program in India. Google runs this program in partnership with Tata Trust. Google said this on Tuesday

The purpose of this scheme, launched in July 2015, is to make women literate in rural India. Through this program, 30,000 internet associates have been trained so far, who have brought about change in the lives of 1.2 crore women in the country.

Google’s marketing head (South-East Asia and India) Sapna Chadha said that the use of the internet by women in rural areas is a challenge. Earlier, in rural India, there was one woman out of 10 people who used the Internet. Two years later, it increased to three in 10.

Women started their business

Referring to a study, he said that those who have trained with the internet partner program, they feel that after their training, their social and economic understanding has improved. He said that many of them started their own business and it inspired us that to create an ongoing framework to provide job opportunities to internet associates.

The Tata Trust has established the Foundation for Rural Entrepreneurship Development (FRED), which will help companies and institutions to get help from internet partner in promoting information and services in rural areas.

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