Google algorithm “Fred” and how to save your website from this?

June 27, 2019
Google Fred Algorithm

Google algorithm Fred and how to save your website from this?

Google recently got a new update and 80% of blogger’s night’s sleep disappeared. The new update is named “Google Fred Update” Google has not yet announced it. Many of the world’s SEO Experts say this update was launched on March 7, 2017. Well, as we all know Google keeps changing the algorithm in our algorithm. But after a big update, many blogs are affected.

What is Google Fred Update?

As I mentioned, Google always keeps updating small algorithms in its algorithm. In the same way, on March 7, he has made a new update called “Google Fred update”.

This blog has affected quite a lot of blogs. People, who create low-quality content, write backlinks, gain traffic, Fred will work against this technique.

In order to recognize Fred update, you must go to your google analytics account and check that your traffic is not reduced.

If your blog always comes with 10000 traffic and it is just around 9000 to 11000 then you are absolutely safe, but if the traffic drops too much like 3000 to 4000 close then your blog has fallen into Fred’s grip.

Which blogs have been affected by Google update for 2018?

The blog has been affected for a lot of reasons. We write posts and start off regardless of the page seo.

  • Using Blogger Spam Technique
  • create the low quality backlink
  • updating low-quality page
  • Not Following Affiliate Link
  • Using affiliate link on low-quality pages
  • commenting on another niche blog
  • Creating quick backlinks
  • Do not keep the ratio balance of do follow and no follow
  • Copy of others blog containing copy
  • Putting more ads on pages
  • Duplicate content if search engine becomes confused

How to know Your Blog is affected by Google Algorithm?

Your blog has been affected by Google algorithms for some reason, so many tools are available to find out. If your blog is affected then first you are notified by email and from the spam team of Google.

But for some reason you do not receive email, you can check with other tools. In this post I will tell you about 3 tools, they are the following.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great tool for friends. Who has made it yourself Google By going into this you can check the average of your daily or old traffic with which you can find out how much fluctuation has occurred in your visitor. If this graph has dropped significantly, then your blog has been affected by the latest Algorithm.

MOZ: MOZ gives information about one of the better SEO. From 3 September 1998 on Google Search officially launched, since then till today, when you have changed this algorithm all these information, you can easily see Google Algorithm Change History from here.

My only purpose is to tell all these tools, and that’s what you should know that the algorithm of your site has been flawed due to which. After finding all these, it is very important to fix it. Otherwise one day your blog will become De-indexed from Google and you will not be able to do anything then.

How to recover your Website?

If your blog has been affected by the newly arrived update then there is nothing to worry about. Everything is sorted out. But recovering it is a very slow process. This is why it is necessary to keep it in it.

A lot of bloggers stopped working on the blog after updating Panda and Penguin. Because the traffic of their blog was low enough. But those who worked and did their work today are still running their blog very well. It is necessary to rubbish the faults. The one who thundered and solved it was the same winner.

Recovering may be a little tense, but it is also necessary to do this fast. Take a look at this when you see your blog stop coming in search or just dead.

Low Quality Back Link: It has become very important to reduce this. Back link is very important for every blog but it is equally necessary to create High Quality Back Link. With the help of the Disavow tool, lower quality back links should be reduced.

Buying Back Link: Buying Back Link from Fiverr or any other place can be a costly post. Against this, fred has started taking action.

Affiliate link to no follow: Follow no affiliate link, it can create a lot of trouble. For this reason, always keep no follow-up, which will take the necessary steps quickly.

Commenting on other niche blogs: Removing from your niche, doing comments on a category in a different category than your own content may affect your website badly.

Category and Tags: These if you have given place in sitemap.xml, then you are creating duplicate containers. You can use this Yoast Plugin for quick removal from your sitemap.

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