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January 5, 2019

Every iik watch from iik collection watches is designed with a prior attention of detailing and inspiration. Belief is that unique accessories are accessible for all of us. Find everything that is required for you on sale to get the real catch. Time and fashion keep changing but still, the watches keep their position at the same place. The reasons to wear a wristwatch are unlimited yet we try to mention some of them.

What is Smart watch?

Smartwatch is the latest piece of technology which is computerized and has been compared to digital assistant devices. Search for iik collection watches online at 99wish.in.


Real benefits of wearing a watch:

  1. The major benefit of wearing a watch is it tells you time which is the most important part of our life. Still, there is some area of fields where wearing a watch is extremely important. A wristwatch is a device that helps you to keep accountable as well as punctual.
  2. It is obvious that no one can see time on the phone at a meeting again and again. It gave a look that you are desperate. I also have a smartphone but if someone asking for time, I still used to see the time just by flipping my wrist instead of getting the phone out of pocket.
  3. Smartphones are a great source of distractions whereas watch does only one work i.e. telling the time. The simplicity of watch lets you see the time and allows you to track it throughout the day.
  4. Wearing a watch that goes best with your style makes it your style statement which turns every head towards you. The perfect watch makes you feel confident which holds the value of importance.
  5. Building relationship with time is necessary. Everyone has the same couple of hours in a day but what matters is who can make the best out of it.

Style tips for wearing a watch:

  1. The plain black leather watch is a preferable watch that goes best for every occasion and age group. Leather offers more comfortable attitude more than solid metal.
  2. If your watch is extremely loaded with colors then it would be better to wear it with simple clothes.
  3. Leather stuff looks more natural and easier to match as well.
  4. Wear your watch on any wrist; no rule of thumb for this.
  5. Match your wristwatch with shoes that are appropriate.


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