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March 23, 2018

At a time, SEO is used to increase your website ranking for which you started filling up your website with just the keywords that are not even relevant sometimes. This is the technique that is generally used by spammers.

In this tutorial, we will talk to you about content related to SEO. Many times you may have seen ads come in Google or sometimes it is heard that in 15 days your website’s Rank is in the 1st page, so friends are all fakes when anyone has given Project of SEO before that Company’s Past Experience Take a look.

If you think it is right, then give it to your project, Content in the SEO is King, if the site does not have content then visitors will not come to your website. So, Content is King, and in order to rank the website in Google, you will have to write High Quality and Unique Content.

Google’s Algorithm like Panda Detects the Low-Quality Content and does not provide Rank to Low-Quality Content Websites. For High Quality and Unique Content, you have to write Content by consuming sometimes. Your written content should be Attractive. People should read and understand that they did not read their time Waste because the Most User, when searching on a topic, then they should first read one of two lines and see if it looks right then visit another website.

That’s why you should write content for your visitors, not Google Bots because visitors are using Products Services etc. from your website. And if you have a blog then the Visitor will only read your article, which will increase traffic to your website in a big way, like Meta Tag on your website, Title, description that is unique, Interesting and related to the content, so that in SEO Content It is very important to have your website of content come to the first page for two or three days, but later it will start getting ranked down.

Tips to rank your website with the optimal content

  1. Post Title – If you have a title for this topic, you have a list of users who actually have articles in my own language and do so also. Keywords are those terms or phrases that users type in the search box; they can really boost your website’s ranking. Try using long keywords instead rather than the exact ones. Title of post is the first thing that can rank your website.
  2. Write articles in paragraphs or in steps – in the article’s paragraphs and steps.
  3. Make proper heading tags (h1 to h6) – Please fill in the Heading tags in your article. Keep track of H1 to H6. You are not just throwing out the content; instead, try to make it organized.
  4. Include What, How, When and Where in the Article? – Why do I have to write an article, how, when, when I use the word so, that users will still be able to make a purchase. You can read and share articles with other users. Interlinking is necessary.
  5. Never does keyword stuffing: Keep in mind how and where to add the keywords to your content. Keywords must be used in Meta title and Description with a sensible adjustment in the Heading tags and also in the content. Think twice about the keyword density that is the number of times for about a keyword is used. Keyword prominence and proximity are another factors responsible for the better ranking of your website.
  6. Internal Linking: To add content to your internal linking. If you are using content linking to your content, you are only redirecting it. Interlinks are the hyperlinks (clickable links) that are actually targeting the same domain. Suppose a bot visits your website on “A” page and it can interrelate with other pages too if you’ve done the interlinking in a correct manner. Don’t just stuff your links. This is the best way to navigate in a website for both the users and bots at the same time.
  7. Language: Your native language has a lot of expertise which is obvious. Writing in English is a good alternative as this is the language which almost understands by every person and hierarchy.
  8. Images Use: According to your content, please use the image of the image you want. Images and using the alt tags in them are a major factor of SEO guide.

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